Excerpt from You Are More Than You Know

you are more than you know bookHere is an excerpt from my new book “You Are More Than You Know”

“Have you ever tried to draw a picture of your emotional life?

Instead of using a straight-edge ruler to help illustrate who we are inside, we probably would be more accurately represented by a map, perhaps the one that shows Paul’s shipwrecks, beatings, and prison visits or the journey of the Israelites on their way to the Promised Land. What looked like it should have been a short jaunt over to the land of milk and honey ended up being a forty-year escapade of ups and downs—enemies, celebrations, battles, and fears. This truly is a more accurate visual of the twists and turns within us as well as the road ahead of us.

Little has changed since that Exodus walk. We are still going through emotional ups and downs. We are still in a mind war with an adversary who’d like to take us out. We continue to have seasons of joy, though never long enough from our vantagepoint. And we are still dueling with fear.”

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