Yes to Jesus! Yes to life!

say yes to Jesus

Yes to Jesus! Yes to life!

Life is a teeter-tauter balance between yes’s and no’s. We won’t get it right every time but when we do it’s exhilarating.

Think of the last time your yes or your no was well-placed. Didn’t that feel good?

“Yes” is like opening a door or a window or a lock…in your mind and heart.

It’s permission granted. It’s an embracing. It’s opportunity.

Air-out your attitudes, your dreams, your potential, etc, say “yes.”


  1. Cathryn Hasek on January 22, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Making my “yes mean yes and my no mean no.” You just hit the nail on the head with my New Year’s Resolution this year. It does take “big girl panties” to say, “No,” that’s for sure!

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