Thanksgiving Greetings!

Thanksgiving Greetings 2016

I adore Fall!
I love swaddling in sweaters and scarves and pulling on knee-high boots that smell leathery and feel friendly. I applaud a roaring fireplace with its spit and crackle companioned with steamy cups of dark cocoa. I appreciate the art of wet leaves splayed on windshields and sidewalks. I delight in cozy cafes stirred by warm conversations over pumpkin bread and chai tea.  I’m a happy girl when I’m wrapped in a fuzzy robe while captured by a well-written story. I’m giggly tucked under an umbrella splashing my way toward a friendly rendezvous. I’m fascinated by scampering squirrels and flocking birds. I’ m comforted by foamy baths and feather-filled duvets. I’m heady when my kitchen smells of cinnamon and coffee. 
So rattle windows, blow north winds, fly copper leaves…fill the world with a sampling of God’s furious glory.
Prayers for a blessed Thanksgiving for you and your family!

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