A Blessing for the New Year

Dear Friends… There is nothing like sick to increase ones gratitude for good health and to remind us what truly matters in this world frantic for success. My hubby and I have been bedroom-bound for 3 weeks with the flu, which then went into secondary infections. We felt so bad we didn’t mind canceling all…

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January…you confuse me!


One moment you are cheering me on with high fives and the next moment you are reminding me of all the years I made resolutions I didn’t keep. Well, c’mon, I kept them a few months, but then they twirled away like dishwater down the drain. Yes, yes, I know I’m not alone. So I’m rethinking…

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What 2016??


Wow! I just got into the rhythm of writing 2015. It feels like someone has their foot on the accelerator of my calendar. 2015 was a rip roaring year of conferences but also a year of severe health issues for my husband…which kept my heart on nervous tiptoes and me darting between airports, home, hospital,…

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