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What 2016??


Wow! I just got into the rhythm of writing 2015. It feels like someone has their foot on the accelerator of my calendar. 2015 was a rip roaring year of conferences but also a year of severe health issues for my husband…which kept my heart on nervous tiptoes and me darting between airports, home, hospital,…

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Nesting makes me happy. I like having my people around me and my stuff. These days since my chicks have flown I feather my surroundings with books, IPad, paper, and pens. My read of the hour is, “To Love is Christ” by David Teems. David’s writing stuns me with it’s exquisite vitality. I appreciate the…

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Who lights your creative kindling?

Different strokes for different folks! I personally light up with creativity under the tutelage of Ken Gires pen. His marriage of words, his poetic perspective, and his substantive heart stirs the scribe within me. Ken’s craftsmanship encourages me to be more congruent, relevant, and timeless in my writerly scratches. Randy Elrod’s approach to the beauty…

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I have too many books. I can’t believe I just said that…out loud. I’ve been an advocate of reading, libraries, and book clubs for 100 years. Well, close. And I didn’t think I could have too many tomes….but then we moved. When one must pack, carry, and unpack ones belongings one learns in a hurry…

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