Oh, God what now?

Guards with bloody hands gambled for His clothes. Rulers sneered. And the people stood by and looked on.

Darkness rumbled thundering judgment, the sacred rent in half, while the stench of death filled the land. The screams of suffering went eerily silent.

It was earth’s darkest hour.  

Hope drained.

The grave was sealed, as was the fate of mankind now without

a Sent Savior,

a Daring Deliverer,

a Holy High Priest,

a Living Presence.

All was lost. The Light extinguished.

Grief spread reducing faith to ashes, hearts to stone. Mind-numbing despair nailed open doors shut. Embodied Joy crucified by bitter lies dipped in hyssop.

Weeping, disbelief, blame, anger, accusations, confusion, could be heard in the anguished wails of followers.

What now?

Oh, God what now?

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