My Mom…

My Mom…

Mom◊ was a great cook. Her fried chicken was the best in the world. Yes, world. And her banana pudding…there aren’t words. Baking powder biscuits, pork chops, salmon patties, and the list goes on.

◊ was an inventive decorator…she knew pretty. And there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t tackle. She could sew, paint, knock out walls, reupholster, and crochet. I’m not talking doilies, she crocheted full-length tablecloths. They were exquisite. And mom was a repurposing queen long before it became a fad.

◊ was a smart business woman. She bought and sold our homes always upgrading in the process. My dad didn’t make much as a milkman but somehow our mother figured out ways to make it work so we always had what we needed and more.

◊ was a sturdy woman of faith. Mom loved Jesus of that there was no doubt. She loved God’s Word. She was a woman of prayer. She was generous and forgiving. And she gave motherhood all the energy and love she had.

Thank you mom.



  1. Bonnie Crawford on May 5, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    Such great love and faith. I have such good memories of mine and would love to hug and kiss her again. Until heaven!

  2. Virginia Lukei on May 5, 2016 at 10:15 pm

    I still cherish the Tablecloth she made me . It is so beautiful! You inherited so many of her gifts!

  3. Laura Kubik on May 5, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    You were blessed indeed such fond memories, I often think of our loved ones staring into the eyes of Jesus, up until the time they turn around and see is standing beside them. Until heaven….

  4. Melissa Henderson on May 6, 2016 at 8:45 am

    What a blessing to have such a wonderful Mom! My Mama was wonderful, too. She went to be with the Lord in 2013, one week before her 92nd birthday. She and Daddy were the most loving, caring, awesome parents. Mama gave me her love of reading and I am thankful for that. She and Daddy both loved gardening and hummingbirds, too. Happy Mother’s Day Patsy!

  5. Becky Neville on May 9, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    You remind me of my mom. She went to be with the Lord last summer. Oh how I miss her. ~ Becky Neville

  6. Margaret Dueck on September 13, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    My mom fell asleep in Jesus Dec 4 2016 she was 4’10 and totally Proverbs 31:10-31 just read your post on moms and have “stress life “read your book The shoe box , what an inspiration and a hoot lol

  7. Anne McGrady on May 11, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    A beautiful memorial of the life u shared with ur Mother. Your Mother was s talented go getter
    sounds like fun and adventure along with great money managing skills which of course u inherited along with ur spunky fun loving crazy adventures which we all love with a splash of the Lords word.
    You are an inspiration to all of us and we love u dearly.Enjoy ur day tomorrow-Happy Mother’s Day🎈❤️

  8. Steven Vegh on May 11, 2019 at 3:39 pm

    I called her Grandma Rebecca!
    Thanks for the memories Aunt Patsy, I still miss her and dream about her. Taking care of her in her old age was one of the great honors and privileges of my life.

  9. Anastasia Nelson on May 11, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    Sounds like your Mom was an example of a Proverbs 31 woman, and she has left a legacy with you Patsy!! Happy Mother’s Day ❤️💗💐

  10. Kathie on May 11, 2019 at 10:45 pm

    My Mom was also gifted in so many areas!!! Miss her everyday but we will see each other again ❤️ Thank you for sharing her story!!! Happy Mother’s Day❤️❤️❤️

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