JoyFULL Jumpstarts

Hello Jumpers,

Would you like to add some joy to the upcoming festive season? And perhaps several dashes of fun? We are all for that I’m sure. Then good golly why is it hard for many of us to maintain our jolly throughout the holidays as we head toward a New Year?

Hmm, wait, perhaps…

…it’s our daily schedule that is already crammed and we have a sense of dread of one more thing being added to our must-do list? Or the thought of certain people making their way into our home with their bundle of negativity (did I just say that out loud)? Or the competition that arises regarding gifts, menus, seating arrangements, household readiness and decor? Or the pressure gift buying can add to our taunt budgets? Or the unexplainable sadness that visits with its knapsack of wearisome troubles? 

I truly believe we can help ourselves through the ho-ho-ho with self-care, boundaries, a healthy mindset, and realistic expectations. And I believe to preplan is key. I say this because the holidays for me for years felt like a trap, as I entered on a high of excitement and exited on an emotional low. It often took me until spring to rally.

So I’m offering this download as a reminder for myself and a cheerleading list for you. Let’s end this year on the elevated note of, “Joy To The World the Lord Has Come.”

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  1. Pam Wilson on December 15, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    i am so doen about so much of my life…. i have given up. whatever the title, i would appreciate something positive, especially if it is God’s encouragement…

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