Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgivingWhat? It’s November? I know it must be true because sixteen snowflakes skittered through TN last week announcing the shift in power from Autumn to Winter.

I personally have been ignoring all the holiday hype because I just wanted the year to slow down. I finally got use to writing 2014 and now here we are bumping up against 2015.

To help my lagging spirit I put up our Christmas tree yesterday which looks a tad odd next to our 10 pumpkins…but oh, well. I must say it cheered up the overcast day as the tiny white lights reflected off the chrystal ornaments. Then I cranked up some Christmas music, turned on the logs, poured a cup of coffee, and thought about how blessed I am.

I must tell you I chatted with Anita Renfroe and when she heard I had put my tree up before Thanksgiving she said, “A turkey is going to slide down your chimney in the night and peck off all your ornaments.”

I can’t stop laughing over that! Don’t you love friends who make you laugh? And who fill your heart with thankfulness. Which is what this letter is about…to say to you how grateful I am that you are in my life. I pray your holidays are full of all that is good and in your best interest. Things like laughter, love, and loads of

From Turkey Day to our Lord’s Day to the New Year may you celebrate The Gift Giver-Jesus, while at work, in your home, and especially in your heart. Remember it’s not about the presents (even though I’m hoping for aqua boots), but it’s about His presence. Hosanna to the highest! Christ is Lord!

Much love,

P.S.I have to go string up a net under the chimney opening to catch that turkey when it comes wiggling down. I hope it’s a jolly fat one I have family coming and they sure enuf know how to eat!!


  1. Carol Dikes on January 1, 2015 at 11:59 am

    Patsy, you exude fun :-)

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