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I had No Idea…In Hindsight, I Should Have

I had no idea. In hindsight, I should have. My trips up the hill to the mailbox left me huffing and puffing like The Little Train that Could. I excused the strain on my body on my lack of aerobics and my age. So instead of reporting it to my doctor, I filed the information…

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From my earliest years, Aunt Pearl was my favorite kinfolk. Her Southern-country upbringing spiced her conversation with unexpected surprises that delighted the heart and often startled you into laughter. Her wit was quick, but so was her temper. Even though she was my favorite, I knew better than to sass her. When I stayed at…

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A huge yes in my life was when my heart opened to having God’s truth as my guiding counsel. For years I was stuck in an emotional whirlpool, and it wasn’t until I was being sucked under by a wave of desperation that my cry for help changed. Instead of expecting God to fix me,…

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Hindrances-What’s Holding You Back?

Year ago, after hearing about Weight Watchers, my turn came to do more than watch my weight balloon. The winter had been especially cold, and thinking I was a walrus, I had put on extra layers of fat to see me through till the thaw. But the snow had melted, and my added coverage had…

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Enter 2018 with a Strong Heart!

A New Year Blessing May the year ahead find you flourishing because you are growing in your expressions of love. May your mind be stirred by God’s counsel and your will be quickened. May you sing your new song in such a manner that others find hope in your continued transformation. May the peace in…

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What 2016??


Wow! I just got into the rhythm of writing 2015. It feels like someone has their foot on the accelerator of my calendar. 2015 was a rip roaring year of conferences but also a year of severe health issues for my husband…which kept my heart on nervous tiptoes and me darting between airports, home, hospital,…

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Yes to Jesus! Yes to life!

say yes to Jesus

Yes to Jesus! Yes to life! Life is a teeter-tauter balance between yes’s and no’s. We won’t get it right every time but when we do it’s exhilarating. Think of the last time your yes or your no was well-placed. Didn’t that feel good? “Yes” is like opening a door or a window or a…

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