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You are More than You Know…pre-order

you are more

You are More than You Know! The first 1,000 customers will receive a FREE Limited Edition 4 x 6 print created by Patsy “Who isn’t afraid of something? My problem was, I was afraid of everything. In this book I give insights of my journey through years of being held housebound by fear and then…

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Shaking Your Tree…coaching program

shaking your tree

I have a passion for helping people shake loose the stories from their own lives to use in communicating more personally, effectively, and memorably, whether from a stage, a board meeting, a Sunday School class, or over the back fence with a neighbor. We were designed to invest in each other and sharing our stories…

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Disorderly Conduct

messy room

Disorderly Conduct Messy matters, especially if your life circumstances are in disarray. There is something about order that helps settle down racing thoughts and emotional clutter. Decisions are easier. It also makes life-function run smoother. When things are orderly we can receive unexpected guests without embarrassment and we are prepared for spontaneous activities without harried…

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