Patsy is a bookish woman who loves words and has a penchant for dark chocolate sorbet. Since spelling bees in grade school, childhood Scrabble games, right up to her current addiction with Words with Friends she has been known to spell it out, to say it like it is.

Much to her surprise Patsy has written a stack of books that continues to light her passion for the printed page. And nothing pleases her more than to share her faith through laughter and tears and to encourage others to flourish.

A former agoraphobic Patsy never imagined the expansive plans God had in mind for her. She just wanted to make it to her neighborhood grocery store and safely home again. Instead, for the past 35 years she has been traipsing throughout the U.S. and Canada, interspersed with trips to Israel and Africa and she has even spoken at the Pentagon for the Flag Officers Bible Study. Patsy has spoken to millions of women (and men) offering spiritual and emotional hope.

Patsy has written books in several genres including devotional, fiction, children’s, and gift offerings. She is one of the founding speakers at Women of Faith and trains people for the platform.

Patsy’s latest passion is helping people shake loose the stories from their own lives to use in communicating more personally, effectively, and memorably, whether from a stage, a board meeting, a Sunday School Class, or over the back fence with a neighbor. We were designed to invest in each other, sharing our stories is one way to do that.

Patsy recently moved from her home state of Michigan to Tennessee and confesses it fits her “like a cozy pair of cowgirl boots.” She delights in telling others, “Franklin is like living in Mayberry.” Her husband Les, affectionally know as the Porch Mayor, has taken over the wicker rocker where he greets friends and strangers alike with an invitation “to sit a spell.” Patsy takes delight in her 2 grown sons and 2 grand boys.

Patsy is the author of the best-selling books “God Uses Cracked Pots”, “Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer”, “Under His Wings”, “Sportin’ a ‘Tude”, “Tea with Patsy Clairmont”, “It’s About Home; Creating a Place to Cherish”, “I Love Being a Woman” and “Stepping Stones; A Garden Path”, “Mending Your Heart in a Broken World, “The Hat Box”, “The Shoe Box”, ‘I Grew Up Little’ and ‘Pillow Prayers’, ‘All Cracked Up’, ‘Dancing Bones, Living Lively in the Valley’,’I Second that Emotion’,  ‘Catching Fireflies’, ‘Kalediscope’ and ‘Stained Glass Hearts’.

She authored 6 children’s books, 5 are published under one title of ‘5 Cheesy Stories’, “Sleep Sweet” and 'TWIRL….a Fresh Spin on Life.' Patsy wrote a fiction book of short stories, ‘Stardust on My Pillow; Stories to Sleep on’.

Patsy’s latest book is ‘You Are More Than You Know’.

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