January…you confuse me!

One moment you are cheering me on with high fives and the next moment you are reminding me of all the years I made resolutions I didn’t keep. Well, c’mon, I kept them a few months, but then they twirled away like dishwater down the drain. Yes, yes, I know I’m not alone.

So I’m rethinking my approach to making change.

I’m going to try to set one goal a month, instead of a dozen, and see how I do. At the end of the month if I still need to improve on my effort in that area then I’ll maintain that goal for another month…and so on. But let’s say by month three not only have I maintained, but its become instinctive and its been incorporated into my daily flow, then I move on to a fresh goal…..but only one. This way I’m not overwhelmed by a whiny, screeching list and I have time to emotionally make friends with my change.

If your childhood overwhelmed you because of chaos, abuse, health, drama, trauma, etc, then a list of resolutions will probably always be more dismantling then helpful. Or if you were indulged and became lame and lazy, then mercy yourself. Don’t blame. Don’t excuse. Just look for ways that are effective for you to grow. We are all designed differently and if our backgrounds modeled and molded some less than helpful habits it will take more sweat equity, but we can do it.

God created us with a powerful tool for personal change called a mindset. Let’s access that advantage and let’s not hurl stones at the mirror. We are not perfect (yet) but we are in process….so, one step at a time will get us to the roof…where the views will give us a higher perspective. We don’t have to climb to heaven Jesus has already secured that ticket in our behalf. But in taking the next step here it will enable us to die to self and live more fully for Christ.

Okay, my first goal is to drink more water. Does that sound too simple? Trust me its not. I shudder at the thought I’m even going to try again. In my over 70 years on this earth I have never done well with water intake, so for me this is a biggie. Water nauseates me. No kidding. And no, I don’t like flavored water either. So I’m going to need a mindset to get past my objections, which will be like dismantling a brick wall.

With the Lord’s help let’s leap over the wall of our resistance into a new freedom. Doing the right thing always leads to personal respect.

Let me know your first goal, that is if you don’t mind sharing. I promise I won’t peek in your windows to see how you are doing, like a Resolution Cop. But I will pray for you…and hope you will pray for me as well.

Love, Patsy


  1. bwsmith on January 31, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    Now on the last day of the whirlwind month, I realize the only resolution I worked on was recovery . . . from the annual CHristmas cold that wiped my hubby & m OUT! I love your suggestions: Don’t blame; don’t excuse — just look for effective ways for you to grow. That I think will be my resolve for February, the Lord willing!

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