Shaking Your Tree



You are more than you know and Patsy is eager to tailor a coaching program specifically for you. Would you like to write a book? Share your story from the platform? Find new stories for your already established platform? Or perhaps you’d like to take the next step on attaining a more integrated heart. Patsy will use her extensive experiences in speaking, traveling and writing along with interactive exercises and projects to help you develop creativity and confidence.


Patsy is pleased to offer 4 different coaching “soils” for you to plant your seed

sand telephone-295075_640This basic session is a great “first step” into coaching. Through a 45-minute phone conversation you will talk with Patsy about your speaking or writing questions and how to take the next step. You will come away excited and ready to share your story. If interested in this program contact us to set up a mutually agreed upon date and time.

Through teaching sessions, interactive exercises, and small group activities Patsy helps to stir up the gifts within you. It’s her goal to assist as you become a lifelong learner through books, art, and stories.  Some of the topics that will be addressed:

  • Tap into the rich resources of your history
  • Infuse your communications with personality and personalization
  • Unleash new levels of creativity adding dynamics to all you do
  • Experience a greater sense of inner cohesion
  • creative writing strategies
  • how to take your story and put it into book form.

The workshops are 12 hours long over 2 days.

These sessions are hosted a number of times a year and are held in Patsy’s home in Franklin, TN.  In addition, if have your own circle of friends that would like to attend, we are able to host an additional private session for your group.


  • After my weekend in your home, I felt something unleash within myself that felt so comfortable and purposeful.mObkrMqXLT6OaNReC0kraEIt-c3jVy6TIOvdEsfgh5E
  • I would definitely recommend this for friends of mine that are interested in writing. The content was more than I expected and a blessing. Your hospitality was tremendous! It was a great two days!
  • One of the best experiences I have ever had. 
  • It was a wonderful experience awakening a previously dormant side of me that has been longing to be awakened.

 Workshops are currently sold out. 

We will announce dates for Spring of 2016 shortly.

Silt1794655_10152152570543903_896791455_nIn the video coaching program Patsy will work with you one-on-one through Skype or iChat. This type of coaching will give you:

  • Specified coaching depending on your goals
  • A time to gather Patsy’s insight on specific hurdles in your writing or messaging.
  • An answer to “What do I do next” in regards to your message, outline, or creative block.

Before your session, Patsy will learn about you and your goals through a survey, reviewing any materials you may have and then after your time, we follow up with a 1/2 hour phone conversation.

The date of this program is flexible and we will find a day and time that works for both you and Patsy.

OrganicScreenshot 2015-04-21 12.31.44The in-person coaching program is a program where Patsy works with you one on one in her home. This type of coaching is completely customized for you:

  • Are you at the beginning of your journey and wondering what your next step is?
  • Are you an established speaker or author investigating ways to communicate in a more effective way?
  • Are you looking to “shake loose” your story in a safe environment?

Patsy will sit alongside you as you work through these matters together through:

  • Personal growth activities
  • Creativity exercises
  • Conversations regarding your goals and how to achieve them

Before your meeting, Patsy will learn about you through a survey and reviewing your materials. A follow-up phone call or Skype session is also included.

To schedule your session or for more information: 

Coaching Inquiry

About Patsy:

Patsy is the author of over 35 book and she has trained thousands of speakers and leaders with Florence Littauer’ s CLASServices (Christian Leaders Author Speakers Services). She has been speaking for over 38 years and was one of the founding speakers with the Women of Faith conferences. Her message has reached millions of people during the course of her ongoing speaking career. Patsy remains an avid book reviewer and has a voracious love of literature.


Patsy Clairmont is an expert among experts. She communicates the story of life in a way that is infectious, challenging, liberating and invigorating. From the first moment I heard her speak, I thought to myself “how can I learn to communicate my story of life like she does?” So, as I nuzzled up to her to soak up her wisdom, I have learned that what even outmatches her communication craft is teaching others to discover their own communication craft. I’ve had the great privilege to call Patsy Clairmont my friend for many years but she is also my personal coach. Yes, I’m known as a singer, but I am a communicator of my life story in many ways. Through Patsy’s advice and expertise, she’s helped me uncover new and refined ways to sing, speak and generate a more fluid storytelling experience for those that I communicate with at concerts and events. She’s a pint sized powerhouse in more ways than one. And, I’m grateful for how she’s spoken into my craft for the good. –Sandi Patty…Most Awarded Female Vocalist in Gospel Music History

As a singer–i have truly understood the power of a song–the ways it can inspire, change, break and heal a heart. Patsy has helped me understand the same about speaking. She has coached me in how to integrate a personal story, humor and the scriptures to deliver a penetrating message. I am a better communicator for her contribution in my life.Kathy Troccoli…Dove award winner and three time Grammy nominatee

Patsy’s workshop will “Shake Your Tree” and rock your world! She will invite you to sit and chat under the shade of God’s Word. Her sweet smile and nurturing attitude will ingratiate you to her within just a few minutes. I learned that “there’s more to me than I know”.-Terry Brady  Pastor, The Family Church McAllen, Texas 

Once in a while, you receive the rarest of gifts: a person who ushers you into the next and better version of yourself. Patsy has served as that catalyst and friend to me, both personally and professionally. She saw a writer in me before I could see one in myself and has held my hand all along this ever-changing road. Patsy’s coaching is completely unique and her practices have served and inspired me far beyond her classroom. I stand among the many who have been utterly changed because of her influence on my life. Not only do I recommend her, I consider it my privilege to learn from her. Patsy is a constant source of encouragement, wisdom and help to those she leads. If you’ve been searching for clarity of voice, greater creativity and a strategy for moving forward, I have no doubt you will strongly agree. Chance Scoggins: Grammy Nominated, Dove Award Winning Producer, Blogger and Speaker

As President of Women of Faith from it’s inception until 2011, I had the privilege of serving with Patsy Clairmont who has become a dear friend. When I first heard her speak, I was so impressed both with her content and her delivery. In the more than a dozen years that we worked together, my love and respect for her grew and grew. She has perhaps the best delivery of any speaker I know. She is full of life and love for her audience and brings in her skill set a great understanding of and experience with a personal relationship with God. I learned early on that when new speakers came to us, I wanted them to spend time with Patsy before they ever walked on the stage. If they had something to say, she could help them say it better. Always. When we began The Revolve Tour for teenage girls, all of the speakers were young, enthusiastic and new on the platform. From the day they were selected to be a part of the speaker team, they were coached by Patsy and most of them became great communicators. She has a knack for knowing what somebody wants to say and I know no one better at helping them say it well. She is the best. If one is great on the platform, Patsy helps them be greater. If they’re new, she helps them find their way. Mary Graham

As if watching Patsy speak isn’t a ‘Speech 101’ class in itself, having her as my personal speaking coach did more for me than all my college communications classes, combined! Her style of coaching is encouraging yet challenging. And instead of conforming me to another speaker, she took the time to get to know me. Then, she helped me find “me” on a stage. She draws out your uniqueness and calls you to greatness. What a gift it was to work with her! Jenna Lucado Bishop

I have been a professional speaker for over a decade but Patsy Clairmont took me to a whole ‘nother level…deeper. She taught me how to connect with an audience by first connecting within myself. I highly encourage anyone to take advantage of the opportunity to be coach by the best! Lisa Welchel, actress, speaker and author

Patsy has been instrumental in helping me develop as a writer and as an individual. She has taught me skills which transcends the pages of written word into life lessons which I carry with me each step of my journey. I am indebted to her and her willingness to invest in me. Cliff Young, writer