Gratitude is…


Jesus Says…


My Mom…

My Mom…
◊ was a great cook. Her fried chicken was the best in the world. Yes, world. And her banana pudding…there aren’t words. Baking powder biscuits, pork chops, salmon patties, and the list goes on.


◊ was an inventive decorator…she knew pretty. And there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t tackle. She could sew, paint, knock out walls, reupholster, and crochet. I’m not talking doilies, she crocheted full-length tablecloths. They were exquisite. And mom was a repurposing queen long before it became a fad.


◊  was a smart business woman. She bought and sold our homes always upgrading in the process. My dad didn’t make much as a milkman but somehow our mother figured out ways to make it work so we always had what we needed and more.


◊ was a sturdy woman of faith. Mom loved Jesus of that there was no doubt. She loved God’s Word. She was a woman of prayer. She was generous and forgiving. And she gave motherhood all the energy and love she had.


Thank you mom.


Take note

lyunderwood_1431113078_LILAC BESTIt wasn’t that I was in search of the past…it just slipped up on me. I’m not sure if it was the birdsong filling my walk, or the breeze cooling my steps, but I think what triggered my revelry was the floating fragrance of tree blossoms. Suddenly I was a child with shiny shoes, ruffled socks, a fussy dress, and a draw string purse, on my way to Sunday School. The church building was small with peeling paint and a tattered bell tower. Inside, children filed past wooden pews, into tiny classrooms full of folding chairs and flannel boards. Soon, we children, wide-eyed with wonder, watched cutout animals traipse up the ramp onto a fuzzy ark. The best was when Jonah would go head first into the mouth of the whale. Oh, and I loved when Jesus would love on the children.

Yes, you never know when yesterday will sidle up next to you and whisper through lilacs and lily’s part of your story.

Take note.

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