I have too many books. I can’t believe I just said that…out loud. I’ve been an advocate of reading, libraries, and book clubs for 100 years. Well, close. And I didn’t think I could have too many tomes….but then we moved. When one must pack, carry, and unpack ones belongings one learns in a hurry what they have too many of…

like c.d.’s.

I had NO idea I had collected so many. Some still unopened. Of course many of my books have yet to be opened, but I’n gonna. I keep imaging the day when I hit the rocking chair full time…then I’ll read myself into long naps full of book-like dreams. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

Perhaps I could pull some books I’ve read and donate them. Perhaps. Or regift them. Maybe. Or trade them…no, wait that won’t help. I want to be generous, but I can be hoard-ish with my books.

I know pruning is a good thing…although it didn’t help me…I’m still just 5 feet. But I guess I could go through my stacks and let go of a bunch…maybe 50? or 10? or maybe not.

Is there a Book’s Anonymous?


I awoke early and full of curiosity. I wanted to experience morning on our new porch. We moved into this stone dwelling 4 days ago and I’m still learning how it breathes.

Summer in the South is layered in moods and demands. She sits in your lap and hugs the air from your lungs like a child that’s been pampered far too long. She’s lush and fragrant and the birds never tire of singing praises. Bees the size of bullfrogs hover above the Morning Glory vines mumbling.

Boxes still litter our bedrooms waiting to be unpacked but for now I sit and swing listening and learning a new rhythm. Change at any age can be discordant…initially, but lean in to your new day, the song may not be familiar, but the words could change your life.


  I mean it! Don’t waddle honey, boogie to your local grocery store & stock up on Mr Clean’s Magic Eraser! A product that actually works…how invigorating. Marks I thought would never come off just evaporated before my very eyes. They look like white sponges and work like white lightning. What’s in these things anyway? No, don’t tell me…it might be like my cooking where you’re just better off not knowing.

Maybe the world already knows about these and I’m just dawdling along working my fingers to the bone, while super sponge has been just a swipe away. I ran out of wall marks to remove and considered scribbling on them just so I could watch the results of using this little “miracle mop.”

Speaking of Miracle Mop-I mean Magic Eraser…there’s a clean-up on aisle 6. I couldn’t help but think of the marks of sin on my heart that Jesus mopped up on my behalf. When He died on Calvary His shed blood became the cleanse for my deeply stained existence.

Need a fresh start with a clean heart? Run honey don’t toddle to the only One who can clean up the messes we’ve made. Forgiveness is just a swipe away. Talk about a miracle!

Under Construction….

Welcome to my new blog…but please note it’s still under construction.

But then, isn’t the world?

Every airport, highway, and high-rise bears these two words-Under Construction. That means drive slow, wear a hard hat, and watch for Debris. Actually that’s not bad advice when reading my blogs….enter at your own risk.

My hope is that you wold be blessed by visiting here, but I’m human and I confess I am given t outlandish thoughts and nonsensical ramblings. Occasionally I’m brilliant, but it’s temporary like the flashing behind of a firefly…so watch closely and bring a mason jar for one never knows when I might say something worth storing up for a dark night.

I wish I were more consistent, but I’m not because, quite honestly, like my blog site I’m Under Construction.

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