Things that will help cranky…

Nice woman and headache

Feeling emotionally tipsy? Remember our will is stronger than our feelings…we can choose to act and talk differently then we feel. Honest.

Our feelings will eventually lineup with our choices. Honest.

Things that will help cranky:

  • Before encountering earth aliens strengthen your mind with good, true, pure, just, and lovely thoughts.
  • Limit your word count. Save them for a day when you’re safer for public interaction. It feels really good to hold onto what didn’t need to be said.
  • Relax your muscles with deep breaths and remind yourself this too will pass (because it will). You may have to do this a dozen times in a day.
  • Smile. It’s a kind way to conduct ourselves and muscles have memory and a smile reminds our brains and emotions that friendly lives just down the street from joy.
  • Love this…thank you…

  • Anita

    Love you Lady


  • Lisa

    THANK YOU PATSY! How did you know how I was feeling today! <3

  • Julie

    Thank-you for those reminders. Blessings to you for sharing such wisdom.

  • lindawagner

    Please think about WOF coming to Bryce Jordan Center in State College Pa…thank you

  • vic

    Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes my feelings get in the way of my living.

  • SweetLisaB

    Dear Patsy <3 Thankyou So Much My Dear Sweet Sister.

  • wagthedog

    Seems we have a choice, huh?

  • lmarlin

    Wonderful reminder for when our minds aren’t clear!!

  • Jenna Moore

    I especially like the last one, Patsy! Smiling is so addictive. I had a job one year and I made a point of smiling every day no matter what I was doing or where I was walking. That smile led to me being truly happy while I worked there. The day they told me I was getting laid off I was still smiling. No one understood it-but I was still happy.