Pillow Prayers

I love the shadow-realm at the edge of sleep. It’s usually so peaceful, a place where my mind drifts along the rivers of dreamland. But even better than that cozy haze is the sweet clarity of spending those precious moments with the Lord. He gives each day, and it’s a joy to commune with Him at the very beginning and end of them.

Over the next few weeks I will post a morning prayer each day to give you stronger rising in His Love.

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“Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him”. Psalms 17:3


  • Shannon

    Thanks for sharing this, Patsy. I will be one of the ones that prays with you!

  • Secretary

    Thank you, Patsy. Always look forward to what you share. 🙂

  • Benita Teems

    Looking forward to your morning prayers. Thanks for sharing!

  • Livia007

    Missed you…………….Looking forward along with so many others to be sharing morning prayers with you. Be Blessed!!