Label Maker

I am a bibliophile. No, I don’t drool. It means I own and read books…a lot!

I also was an agoraphobic. No, I’m not unduly afraid of spiders…that’s arachnophobia. Agoraphobia is the fear of angora sweaters. LOL! Just joking. Agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces. So says Webster. By the time I was housebound I was afraid of everything–so take that Webby.

I am an author which means I play with words hoping they’ll marry and that you will attend the wedding.

I am an overeater…who is trying not to gnaw on chair legs between meals. None of my pants button.

I am a speaker…which means I at times have more words than brain cells.

I am an over-ambitious shopper. None of my cupboards close. Or closets.

I am a wife…almost 49 years. Good Golly Miss Molly where did that time go? Well, you know what they say about having fun.

I am a mom. What an utter privilege.

I am a Nana…need I say more? Pure joy!

I am a friend. And love heart connections.

I am a child of God…which makes all of the above possible and/or bearable.

Labels are so interesting. Some make ones heart inflate and some cause us to hang our heads. Let’s deliberately take off the tags that drag down our spirits and lets live up to the ones that revive us. And let’s be label maker’s of the highest kind by calling others up to their best!

What are your labels? Which ones aren’t worth keeping?

  • Just luv you Patsy

    My best label above all of them is “saved by grace”


    • Gina

      Awesome Patsy and so true we have labels that we put on ourselves and then there are the labels that the world puts on us (just had a new one added toy life). One of My favorite labels is friend! Blest to have many and hoping to be a good one to many!

  • Thanks Patsy for reminding me that I am a child of God!

    Love you!


  • Abra Owens


  • I am a servant of the Great I AM.
    I am a lover of my sister in Christ
    Mom to an awesome aspergers child
    Wife to a man who cleans, cooks and keeps house better than me.
    Faithful Friend
    Feeder of the Starving
    Speaker/Encourager to women
    Lover of your Blog

  • “fanatical”

  • Paula

    I am a Jesus lover!
    I am a wife of more than 20 years to an utterly romantic man.
    I am a mother of 4, no longer babies but not yet ready to jump from the nest.
    I am one who is being transformed from glory to glory!

    Labels I would like to get rid of . . .
    I am overweight.
    I am overwhelmed at times.
    I am depressed at times.

    Two labels I am glad are stuck permanently:
    I am His!
    I am part of the Body!

  • Patti Gearhart

    Thanks Patsy…you make me smile and remind me of what’s really important. You remind me…I am loved!

  • I’m a learner and I like that label a lot!!!

  • Vanessa

    Thanks for this reminder. I have been feeling like my only label is FAILURE. I am starting a new label list right now beginning with CHILD OF GOD! Thank you!

  • Would it be permissible to add to your labels? How about encourager? Such you have been to me. A delightful conveyor of grace. Thank you!

  • Sue

    I’m a marathoner–running hard after God. My eyes are fixed on Jesus.

  • Christene

    My newest and hardest label that both revives and hangs my head is I am a Stay at Home mom. I left 15yrs in the workforce in this current economy. Whew

  • I had to write a post about this post after it stuck in my head for this past week.
    Then last night I had an experience in which my biggest label popped out of my mouth and I knew I had some work to do. I shared this in today’s post and linked here.
    Thank You, so much, for your gift of words. They are a challenge and a blessing.
    You are loved and appreciated.

  • Anita

    Do you really know how inspiring you are to me, and others? You are a blessing!

  • Carole Peet


    I’m a follower of Jesus Christ! Yeah!

    A Sister in Christ and lover of Life!

    Worker Bee!

    Who sings to the Lord with Glee!

    Bless you greatly!



    PS by the way,I have 2 adorable doggies, a grey hound named Slim JimJim and a border collie named Dollie Doodles.

  • Mimi

    Patsy … you are my new best friend! I saw you this weekend in Mason, Ohio 🙂 You are delightful! Sandi Patty is as amazing as ever! I love your blog. Love the post about labels …
    I am a PK …
    I am the mother of a wonderful pastor …
    I am the mother of an awesome designer …
    I am Mimi to the two greatest grandkids in the world …
    I am married to my high school sweetheart – 43 years in September …
    I am a child of God …
    I am blessed beyond words …
    I fight anxiety and depression …
    Life can be difficult but God is good …

    Thank you , Patsy for coming along side us and giving us HOPE, LOVE, the best medicine LAUGHTER, and on and on …

    We are one day closer HOME …