Meaningful Gift Idea

  • You’ve shifted my mind into “practical” mode AND shifted my heart into “eternal” mode! Fabulous idea (and fits my budget this year as well!)

  • Kati Bewley

    FABULOUS idea. I have a friend who is a gift shop owner. What do you get someone like that for Christmas? I just got my answer. Thanks Patsy!! GOD BLESS YOU!!

  • This is a great idea Patsy! We don’t have a lot of money this year and that would mean so much to so many people in our lives! Thank you!

  • What a wonderful idea! Thanks!!

  • Patsy!!! I LIKE! A lot!!

    I cannot read non-fiction without a pen in hand; I highlight and “interact” with comments in the margins. Sometimes it’s “lol,” sometimes it’s “Hmmm, hadn’t thought of this,” and sometimes it’s an “OUCH!” My daughter has commented that she LOVES to read what I’ve written, and recently I picked up a book she had read and she does the same thing! I had no idea!

    It never occurred to me to share a book like this with a friend or loved one; but now that you’ve mentioned it, I think I’ll do this very thing!

    This is the best idea for a “re-gift” I’ve ever seen…and one I think no one would complain about ;).

  • I did this for a friends college graduation years ago. It’s a chance to give a little of yourself as well. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

  • What a great idea, Patsy! Love it! However, it will be a huge sacrifice for me to give away my books written by a certain Patsy Clairmont, Maybe I’ll hold onto those just a little bit longer. =) XOX

  • Dot Quaid

    I became acquainted with author Maeve Binchy this summer and purchased a number of her books online for a song. Two of my favorites are “The Return Journey” and “This Year It Will Be Different”, both collections of short stories with meaning. I enjoyed them so much that I purchased extra copies for friends for Christmas. I hadn’t thought about adding notations – I guess I’ll have to re-read them quickly before I mail them off for Christmas! What a great idea! Have a blessed holiday, Patsy – we cherish you and your words of whimsy and wisdom!

  • Thank-you for a fabulous idea. I have purchased books for gifting and made notations in them, but have refrained from marking up my own books in case someone wanted to borrow them–it appears that I should start writing away! It will also be a great help to me in quickly referencing special parts of my books to enjoy in the interim before gifting.

    It had not occurred to me how precious a “used” book could be with inscriptions–yet I have experienced this myself in having several Bibles that were my grandmother’s. Some have writing in them and some have notes tucked into various pages, making them priceless to me!

    Thanks, Patsy, for sharing yourself with us!

  • What a great way to give from the heart. Thank you for this wonderful idea!

  • I have a book my best friend wrote in for me. She passed away in 2008 and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the pages she made sweet little notes on and I can just feel her love. It is probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

  • LOVE it!

    When my children get baptized…my parents give them a study Bible. I read through that Bible prayerfully with them in mind and highlight and add notes specifically for them. They are treasuring those Bibles…and I am humbled that I can do this for them!