It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  • And God bless you, too!!! Love your video blogging, Patsy.

  • admin

    Thanks Patricia. Hope all my friends go to Pollywog Creek & see ur amazing photography!

  • Wishing YOU and Merry Christmas too!! Loving this season with my four kids. Trying so hard to hang on to everything because I know it will be gone in a flash!! They are still young (12, 10, 3 and 7 months) but MERCY they are growing too fast for us!!

    I want them to love this season for a trillion different reasons!! Thanks for the sweet reminder!

  • Excellent message Patsy! A great reminder for many. God Bless you, it was a pleasure seeing you at the Women of Faith Conference in Hartford Nov 19-20. Happy to see you have a blog, I recently started one myself since I have many thoughts, some of which may be worth sharing. Thanks for being an inspiration to many!

    Heather 🙂

  • Christmas blessings to you and your family. I enjoy following you on Facebook.

  • Rosanna

    Thanks for the reminder of Christ Light PATSY!! You shine brightly to many!!
    Happy & joy-filled holidays!!

  • Merry Christmas Patsy.

  • Thank you for visiting my site. New post will be up end of the week titled Drew Said “He Wanted To Be The Star!” Enjoy your travels! Christmas Blessings

  • Michelle

    Merry Christmas to you and your family patsy!!! It is all about Jesus and our Love for him and each other!!!
    God Bless <3